About Vitamin K2 Association

Vitamin K2


We are just beginning to understand the complexity of the role of Vitamin K2 in health. Emerging research increasingly suggests the importance of Vitamin K2 in both cardiovascular and bone health, and increasingly practitioners are coming onside in recognizing the benefits of Vitamin K2 supplementation. Emerging science and ongoing marketing, education and effectiveness of the ingredient will continue to power double-digit annual sales growth in this vibrant category.

The Vitamin K2 Association has been formed in order to:

  • Consolidate a voice for the Vitamin K2 category.

  • Steward the category through its growth and protect it from those that would willfully or unknowingly exploit it through poor quality or adulterated products.
  • Objectively work with media, regulators, practitioners and other professionals and ultimately consumers to promote growth and science within the category.